Posted on 24 November 2012 by mattbaker

321 Broadway Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98102

Review -

It is hard for me to review this place, since this is pretty much the place that put high-end specialty espresso on the map in the United States. It’s a little bit like rating your sensei, it’s just hard to do. They function on a coffee level that is above and beyond my understanding. A shame their original location was torn down, but they have recovered nicely. With three locations (Capital Hill, REI hgh human growth hormone injectable hgh) Vivace’s is some of the best and smoothest espresso you will have. A classy layout, beautiful customized Synnesso machine and delicious treats, makes this the most important stop on your coffee journey. These guys wrote the book (literally) on ristretto shots, roasting, rosetta pours and all things espresso. Don’t leave Seattle without visiting the reason you have had great espresso in your life.




+ Coffee
+ Beautiful Coffee Pours
+ They are the best at coffee

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