Posted on 03 January 2013 by mattbaker

3215 Beacon Avenue South Seattle

3215 Beacon Avenue South

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Victrola is probably my favorite roast in all of town. They have a few locations around Seattle and their roast brings the house down. They don’t get mentioned a lot by the locals, but everyone I bring there, rave about it. I think the reason they don’t get as much hype as Vita and Stumptown is that they don’t put themselves out there as much. A lot of Vita and Stumptown’s success is they spend a significant amount on advertising and kitschy promotional tactics that keep them on the coffee culture radar. Victrola quietly sits back, and pumps out some of the best coffee in all the city. They keep it simple. All of their shops are pretty basic, except they they bring the delicious on virtually everything. Great tea, sweet treats and snacks are also on par with their kick ass espresso. A fine La Marzzocco machine and knowledgable barista’s churn out smooth, delightful drinks that make your tastebuds explode. It’s all about the roast at Victrola and if you like to really taste a great roasters bean, this is the place to do it.




+ Roaster
+ Best roast in Seattle
+ Multiple Locations

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