Uptown Espresso

Posted on 23 November 2012 by mattbaker

500 Westlake Avenue North
Seattle, WA

Review -

This is a chain around town (West Seattle, Westlake, Queen Anne, Belltown etc.) and is very interesting to me. They claim that they were voted the best Latte in Seattle by Seattle Weekly and even if that statement is true, that is not true anymore. Uptown establishments are normally very large, don’t stay open super late and normally host large groups. The coffee is pretty good, but very inconsistent. I have had really good latte’s here, but also drinks that were almost undrinkable. If this was in any other town it would be the standard, but in Seattle it is just another “pretty good” place. I would recommend it to sit and work, have a meeting, escape noise, but there are way to many amazing shops that will blow your mind. Quality? Yes! Amazing? No!






+ Coffee

+ Open Space

+ Work Areas

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