The Barista Parlor

Posted on 03 March 2013 by mattbaker

519B Gallatin Ave., Nashville, TN.

519B Gallatin Ave., Nashville, TN.

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The Barista Parlor was a pain in the ass to find, but so worth it. Located in the back of a building, with a walled parking lot around it, makes it a peculiar setting. Outside are three bright blue garage doors decorated with a giant anchor which is a great welcoming. The inside is equally as cool. A huge open space decorated with great art on the walls, rockabilly music and the bar in the middle. The bar is very unique look to it that displays their Slayer Machine and pour over stations nicely. Also on display are their assortment of delicious yummy’s. I had a chocolate/bourbon/sea salt cookie that was like Cinco De Mayo in my mouth. This place certainly has a little kitschy-ness to it with their family style seating, and amazing interior decorations, but I love it! They rotate their coffee’s every week highlighting multiple roasters from all over the country. The day I was there they were using Intelligence and Sight Glass (San Francisco.) It took a little while to get my coffee. That might be the Slayer though. The only other time I was a shop that used the Slayer it also took a long time. It did not matter though, the coffee was superb! Great flavor, strong presentation and a whole lot of amazing swirling around my tastebuds. This is a must go if you are a coffee fan. This has skyrocketed into my top 5 coffee shops in the United States. What a treat to go to such a cool city and enjoy such an amazing shop. Great job Barista Parlor!




+ Amazing
+ Epic
+ Kitschy

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