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Remedy Coffee

Posted on 31 March 2013 by mattbaker

1 Wellesley St W, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

1 Wellesley St W, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

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A cute little shop not far from the Art Museum. Littered with books, backpackers and people on laptops this cool spot has the best prices in overpriced Auckland. $3.50 for my piccolo latte which they made on their La Cimbali machine. It was just ok flavored, but they do use fair trade coffee and are very friendly. Check it out and you might even be able to pick up a hitchhiker while you are at it.




+ Vagabonds
+ Coffee
+ Great People

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  1. Richard Says:

    Hi. Glad you enjoyed our little coffee shop. I am sorry if you didn’t fully enjoy your piccolo. We use the best possible beans available and strive to make great coffee. let us know when you pop in next and I shall personally make one for you, free of charge. Thanks and hope to see you again soon. Rich, Remedy Coffee.

  2. mattbaker Says:

    Thanks Rich! I will do.. Keep up with the great shop.. I will be coming back for sure.

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