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Pier 347

Posted on 31 July 2013 by mattbaker

347 S Pierre St   Pierre, SD 57501

347 S Pierre St
Pierre, SD 57501

Review -

Located in Old Town Pierre (everything looks like old town,) This coffee shop/bakery/bar is funky. A shotgun layout and a collage of different personalities as the patrons Pier 347 has something for everyone. Bagels and sandwiches if you are hungry, coffee for the people on the move and alcohol for the people trying to drown their daddy issues. Coffee wise, they serve Dark Canyon Coffee on a Rancilio machine and don’t have anything smaller then a 12 oz cup. After many discussion on what 8 oz of liquid looks like in a cup, she served me my drink and said, “It’s more like 8 1/2 oz’s.” In truth, it was more like 11 oz’s. Made way to hot, but since they made it in 24 seconds, it’s hard to expect quality. Calling it drinkable is polite and tasted more like a 75 year old dirty diaper. Good think they have tequila to wash this taste out of my mouth.




+ Bar
+ Bagels
+ Bad

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