Olmos Perk

Posted on 01 December 2012 by mattbaker

5223 McCullough Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78212

Review -

For some odd reason I had high hopes for Olmos Perk. I don’t know why considering it was the highest rated spot on Urbanspoon. I should know better. I was hoping to walk into a hidden gem in San Antonio. It has a sheik feel to it, decorated with leather couches, individual cubicles to work at and great art on the wall. However, the Faema machine they use is complete garbage. They seemed to struggle with the concept that I only wanted a 8 oz drink and made me a 12 oz instead. I don’t know if there was to much milk or if the roast is just weak, but I could not taste the coffee at all. They do have snacks, wine, beer and cool facilities, but there is no reason the coffee should be this bad.




+ Coffee
+ Beer
+ Cubicles

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