Night and Day Coffee

Posted on 20 September 2012 by mattbaker

2 North Main Street
Mansfield, PA 16933

Review -

Conveniently located on the corner of main street in this sleepy university town. With interesting art on the walls and each table hand painted to advertise a local business this coffee shop is a funky little spot. It also serves as the local health food store, with free range eggs and other healthy supplies to grab with your coffee. The ambiance is almost overkill with the murals but, for a coffee shop in the middle of nowhere this is a great spot to hang. The coffee on the other hand sucks mightily! They actually have “Carmel Latte” and “Vanilla Latte” written on there cool menu board. They even have “House Coffee with flavor shot” above Americano on their menu. A “shot of flavor” sound as appealing as the dog bones they have right next to the register. It’s ok though. This really is a paradise hangout and as long as it is not mandatory to “not” get a flavor shot in my drip then I am ok.




+ Coffee
+ Health Food
+ Art

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