Posted on 09 July 2013 by mattbaker

21 S Main Street Baker, Montana

21 S Main Street
Baker, Montana

Review -

What I want to really know is “why the hell are you in Baker?” Aside from oil fields, there is no real reason to be here. However, if you do find yourself traveling through, there is a coffee shop. It is located in the back of the Flower shop and you have to pass an assortment of weird gifts and cards to get to it (that’s how they get ya.) There are a few tables to sit, but no internet. They have an Astra Machine and aside from coffee you can get tea, chocolate and Fuze fizzy drinks. The coffee was better then I expected, but still not very good. There is a drive thru on the outskirts of town, but this might be your best bet.




+ Flowers
+ Gifts
+ Fizzy Drinks

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