Freemont Coffee Company

Posted on 28 November 2012 by mattbaker

459 North 36th Street
Seattle, WA 98103

Review -

This is my favorite spot in Freemont. Located in a old crusty looking house, the Coffee Company thrives by providing not only good coffee, but a good place to study. There are about 3-4 tables in each room and art decorating each room like it would your own home. The coffee is great and the food is very good also. I love this place, but would not recommend it for a social meeting place. The intimacy of each room makes it so that you can be heard clearly pretty much anywhere in the house. It seems most of the time people are busy working and no one really goes there to socialize. If you are looking to bury your face in a laptop or book with some great coffee in Freemont, this is your spot!




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+ Art

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