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Daily’s Bakery

Posted on 31 July 2013 by mattbaker

122 2nd St Asotin, WA 99402

122 2nd St
Asotin, WA 99402

Review -

This is the only place in the stoplight-less town of Asotin. A cool little bakery downtown that serves all sorts of baked goods and food. I had a great salad and sandwich that came with a very good cookie also. It was a little hard to concentrate because there was a gang of kids playing in the play area they have set aside for toddlers and cool uncles. As for their coffee, they make it on a Simonelli and don’t have 8 oz. They use River Town Coffee Roaster coffee and they don’t make it very well. The color was ugly, flavor was ok, but overall not so great. Get lunch here, but go into Lewiston to get the real deal.




+ Baked Goods
+ Small Town
+ Ummmmm

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