Cottonwood Coffee

Posted on 01 April 2013 by mattbaker

509 Main Ave  Brookings, SD 57006

509 Main Ave Brookings, SD 57006

Review -

Located right on the main strip in this college town, Cottonwood Coffee is a cool little spot. Tons of space to accommodate the numerous amount of students utilizing the free wi-fi, this spot also has cool art on the walls and a great vibe about it. Well decorated, smartly laid out and giant wooden pews make this probably your best bet in town for a cool hang. They serve great food. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich grilled with banana and granola on the inside. Unfortunately the only downfall of this great spot is their coffee. On their site, they said they work hard to provide quality coffee to the town, but it is pretty mediocre. Their smallest size is 12 oz and they don’t have any ceramic mugs to drink out of. A Simonelli machine does not help the cause. Sadly this is your best bet in town for good coffee. On the bright-side, this shop is great and I nice break from all the crappy shops I have been to in South Dakota. At least they care enough to create a shop with a great ambiance.




+ College Kids
+ Coffee
+ Decent Food

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