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Condesa Coffee

Posted on 28 April 2013 by mattbaker

480 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE #100   Atlanta, GA 30312

480 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE #100
Atlanta, GA 30312

Review -

A space that looks like was transported right out of Portland. Complete with the white hipsters, retro clothing, funny beards and good coffee. A pour over station, La Marzocco machine and light snacks add to the quality of this place. Did not have 8oz latte on the menu, so rung me up for a australian online pokies cappuccino (which is annoying,) but the coffee was very good. The coffee was a little tart, but had great color and a very nice rosetta. This is a smaller space (20 seats,) but a very cool space and if you want to visit the NW without the shitty weather, go here.




+ Portland-Ish
+ Pour Over
+ La Marzocco

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