Chai Tea Lounge

Posted on 05 March 2013 by mattbaker

24 Wharf Rd  Coromandel  New Zealand

24 Wharf Rd
New Zealand

Review -

A cool little spot in downtown Coromandel Town. Chai Tea Lounge has the sort of hippy vibe that always makes a decent shop. A plethora of vegetarian foods and deserts are on display and are even better tasting then they are looking. It’s nice to see a proper coffee shop. In New Zealand so many places are restaurants first and it is cool to see a place solely focus and survive off the coffee. A decent flavor on their drinks, but this is the only game in town. Great seating areas including some outside seating, free wi-fi and the occasional show makes this a must destination on your visit to the Coromandel.




+ Veggie Friendly
+ Hippy
+ Chai Tea

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