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Posted on 04 March 2013 by mattbaker

46 Victoria Rd   Devonport 0624 New Zealand

46 Victoria Rd
Devonport 0624
New Zealand

Review -

This is a cool spot on the top of the strip at the Auckland getaway of Devenport. A cafe with food, treats and wine supports a fun looking clientele. A beautiful red La Marzocco served up a cup that even though it was to hot, had great color and flavor. For being as bitter of a bean as it is, it has a lot of bite and has very good taste. The food is very good also. There is roaster a few blocks away, but I got there long after they had closed for the day. Try them first, and then stop in here for some food and a good cup after.




+ Food
+ Smoothies
+ Beach Walk

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