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Mon Ami

Posted on 22 November 2012 by mattbaker

1906 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Review -

I love this place my friend. Vancouver does not have a lot of options for great coffee due to it’s close proximity to Portland and everyones willingness to drive 10 minutes to get their culture. However, they have a great shop right in downtown Couv! Mon Ami, uses a Stumptown bean, La Marzocco Machine and they rock a great cup of joe. Not only is their coffee superb, they also have snacks and make amazing crepes in every way you want to ingest it. Sweet, savory and swavory these crepes are a great way to compliment the amazing espresso. With great art on the wall, talkative locals and ideal location this place is worth staying around for.




+ Crepes
+ Cool People
+ Art

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