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Posted on 28 April 2013 by mattbaker

769 Cleveland Ave S  St Paul, MN 55116

769 Cleveland Ave S St Paul, MN 55116

Review -

A cool space in St. Paul. Painted red, with a sort of shotgun layout, they have a pour over station and some really high end pastries. They have a La Marzocco machine and serve Moonshine and Parallel coffee. When asking for a 8oz latte, I was corrected and told that is, I ordered a 8 oz cappuccino and was given my 8oz latte. It was very good also. Smooth, with great flavor, but was also $4.00! I have a hard time recommending this place, because they were kind of assholes about the latte thing, but if you are in St. Paul and can afford the cost of their drinks, this is a good place.




+ Fancy Pastries
+ Snobby
+ Great Coffee

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