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Credo Coffee

Posted on 03 March 2013 by mattbaker

706 W Smith St   Orlando, FL 32804

706 W Smith St
Orlando, FL 32804

Review -

Shit. Orlando is a spread out place. Took me forever to get to this place and I barely made it before it closed. Credo kind of feels like a cool apartment. With an open layout, really cool art and a separate room that makes it feel like it could be a beachfront bungalow in Mexico. Littered with hipsters, this shop has some tasty treats and cool tunes. Based off the look of the shop, I was surprised to see that the machine they used was poor. A single group crap maker. The coffee was very generic, but that is not what matters about this place. What matters is that they are all about making the world better. First off, this shop is pay what you can. That’s right, you can pay whatever the hell you want. I am sure people get weirded out by this, so they do have a suggested donation, but they will not turn away someone who does not have any money. It is a non-profit coffee shop that donates a lot of their proceeds to four different charities around the Orlando area. They use fair trade beans and even make trips to the plantation where they get them. Overall, I like to support places like this over other shops because they are doing the good work. They might not have the good coffee, but it’s a little blip in the large scheme of things.




+ Fair Trade
+ Pay what you can
+ Cool Space

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