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116 Cafe

Posted on 24 April 2013 by mattbaker

116 S Union Ave   Fergus Falls, MN 56537

116 S Union Ave
Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Review -

Oh man, I was so stoked to wander into this place and see a single group Synnesso machine and a pour over station. Although this is not really a coffee shop. This place is all about the food. It’s a diner/cafe that serves up some tasty goodness from their full kitchen. The coffee had some great color and some good flavor. It was a little bitter, but I am not going to nitpick, because you are in bloody Fergus Falls Minnesota. However, the second time I came in my 8 oz double shot latte cost me $4.20 and they did ask me if I wanted flavor. I like to forget my second exchange and focus on the first, which was great. Definitely the best bet in FF. Get some great food also!




+ Cafe
+ Synesso
+ Decent Food

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