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Red Rooster

Posted on 23 April 2013 by mattbaker

202 S Main St   Aberdeen, SD 57401

202 S Main St
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Review -

A funky spot in the downtown of this really odd town. Maybe it’s odd because the Wizard of Oz was written there, but whatever it is this shop fits the bill. An enormous space that is divided into these sections;1/4 coffee shop, 1/4 imported trinkets, 1/4 used book store and 1/4 magic the gathering players this place is a fun little find in Aberdeen. They have decent food, interesting art and a whacky vibe. They use Just Coffee Coop beans and had a very interesting flavor. Strong, a little bitter, but not bad for the middle of South Dakota. This is your best bet in town. Great hang!




+ Cool Hang
+ Live Shows
+ African Goods

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