Calico Coffee

Posted on 01 December 2012 by mattbaker

316 Bay St
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 1S1

Review -

Calico seems to be the cool spot where the locals hang. There are three coffee shops in Thunder Bay and they are all located a block from each other. I think Calico is the best of the three. In a dark basement like space, Calico rocks a Elektra machine and makes a decent cup. It is nothing to write home about, but it certainly will do the trick. Cool wooden booths are a long the wall if you want to bury your face and work, or have an intimate conversation. They have snacks, cute barista’s and decent art on the wall. If you are traveling in Ontario, this might be a lagoon in the dessert of nothingness. Check it out.




+ Coffee
+ Interesting people
+ Basement

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