Caffe Vitta

Posted on 24 November 2012 by mattbaker

1005 East Pike Street
Seattle, WA

Review -

Vita has become the standard in Seattle. With multiple locations and many other shops using their beans, they are starting to be mentioned with the likes of Vivace’s in the espresso landscape. I see why. They have everything going for them. Ideal locations, clean/stylized shops and most importantly really good espresso. With every shop rocking a La Marzocco, this place appeals to everyone. Hipsters, goths and preps all frequent Vita shops and make it a diverse spot to hang. My favorite spot is right on Capital Hill and is also their roasting location. This shop is a non-stop people watching spot and even has an upstairs if you want to get some work done.




+ Coffee
+ Beans
+ Hip People

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