All City Coffee

Posted on 28 November 2012 by mattbaker

1205 South Vale Street
Seattle, WA 98108

Review -

I am a little biased toward this place since I used to live above it and still live only a block away. This spot is what the industrial arts district of Georgetown rotates around. This place is one of the only coffee shops in Seattle that actually has a local community feel to it. Lots of light, ads for art studios, dogs and great art on the walls. This is one of my favorite spots in all of the city. It has changed over the 6+ years I have lived in the neighborhood. It used to be littered with gutterpunks pokies online free, georgetown debates and people playing guitars, but has made way for more of a tattooed graphic designer hangout. It has raised it’s prices over the years, but still remains a great place to grab a cup. The coffee is always good with a Vita Bean and a La Marzocco. What the barista‚Äôs lack in social skills, they make up with their espresso drinks. The owners know what they are doing and all work hard to constantly upgrade the atmosphere and equipment. A must stop if you find yourself in our little hole in the wall neighborhood.




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