Groundwork Coffee

Posted on 26 September 2012 by mattbaker

671 Rose Avenue
Venice, CA

Review -

There are a few of these around town, but I really like the one in Venice. Groundworks in Venice is a cool brick place with a funky outside seating area and a real rooty feel to it. With drawers upon drawers of different blends of coffee to choose from, this coffee shop has all the essentials to fill your coffee urge. However this place is another example of Urbanspoon letting me down. This was the highest rated coffee shop in Venice, rated 10% higher then the far superior Intellegencia. This place delivers a pretty good cup, but does not deserve the top spot in the venice coffee totem pole. If you are looking for the best this is not it, but they do have a La Marzocco, double shot policy and a pretty cool staff. You won’t be let down with the quality and it has a nice community vibe to it with lot’s of smiles and small talk that is missing from so many shops. Have a seat, watch the celebrities come and go and enjoy some delicious coffee.




+ Coffee
+ Food
+ Outside seating

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